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The Menu for Nourishing Positive Liposuction Results
January 7, 2009

Liposuction results may be leveraged through a proper diet. In fact, studies have proven that people rich in vitamin health fair better in plastic surgery than people that are not. Focusing on the right vitamin rich foods can target select liposuction recovery goals. In addition, some plastic surgeons do not advise taking vitamins in the weeks before liposuction. Yet, vitamin rich foods prior to and when appropriate following liposuction are most always acceptable among members of the plastic surgery community.

To help defend your cells from harm, arm your DNA repair mechanisms, strengthen your immune system, and enhance your liposuction healing process, consider foods that have a high content of Vitamin E such as fresh almond pastries, wholegrain cereals, spinach egg omelets and milk. Add a Vitamin C rich orange, melon or grapefruit to increase your collagen production and assist with healthy wound healing.

Mid-Day Snack
Consider mid day snacks such as a Vitamin E snack of avocado filled with egg or nuts and olives. Contemplate reducing your risk of excessive bruising from liposuction and help to maintain proper digestion with a Vitamin K rich romaine salad and celery.

Your entrée may be comprised of several vitamin nourishing foods for liposuction. "Anti-oxidating" red wine may be part of the opening toast several weeks prior to liposuction. Perhaps, Selenium rich shellfish, red meats or chicken to reduce your risk of infection is the best main course choice. Vitamin C chili peppers may be the preferred choice to help strengthen blood vessels for wound healing from liposuction. A side dish of Copper filled liver and seafood to act as an anti-oxidant for healthy cell membranes and preserving proper blood flow may be appropriate as well. The vegetables of Vitamin C containing broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage may further build on the function of blood vessels. Alternatively, Vitamin E rich sweet potatoes, asparagus, and yams may be the taste of choice.

A dessert filled with anti-oxidating agents such as blueberries and chocolate may be tasty. Or Vitamin C rich strawberries have been known to support the function of the blood vessels and thus the healing process.

While the appropriate diet may not be the end all or be all for leveraging results from liposuction or preventing complications. An appropriate diet for one undergoing liposuction surgery is certainly advantageous.

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